Safety Program


The Safety Team assists in providing a safe work environment. On-site safety audits are conducted through multiple levels within the Company to identify and correct potential risks/hazards within the facilities. Through annual outside audits, Palmer complies with Standards for certification by AIB and NACD. Frequent customer audits are also welcomed and viewed as opportunities for growth.

Palmer is committed to Security and the Environment as well. Security standards are derived from our security manual and also modeled after CTPAT requirements.  Annual Site Vulnerability Assessments ensure our facilities are secure and identify any security threats to be corrected.

Protecting the environment is also essential and Palmer strives to meet and exceed local, state and EPA standards. Chemical inventories are submitted to the SERC, the LEPC and the local fire department under SARA Title III and updated annually. Our Environmental policy is “to make sound business decisions that promote a sustainable environment with minimal impact on the surrounding community”.