Social Responsibility

At Palmer Logistics our core values don’t just stop at our company doors, they extend to our community. As part of our company’s social responsibility, we have partnered with Project Protect Our Children. A Houston non-profit dedicated to making a difference in the fight against child sex trafficking, exploitation and abuse through community engaged events, preventative educational curriculums, awareness programs and empowerment opportunities. As a family oriented business we believe there is no greater atrocity than the abuse of children. We are proud of the part we play in making a difference, helping to protect our children.


Sustainability Journey

Since 2017, Palmer Logistics has been leading the way in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability practices, spearheading an ambitious initiative. To ensure our commitment to sustainability aligns with industry standards, we proudly partnered with Ecovadis and harnessed their cutting-edge sustainability ratings platform. This invaluable tool employs a comprehensive methodology and framework to meticulously evaluate the environmental, social, and ethical performance of our business within our industry.

Participating in the Ecovadis initiative involves a rigorous evaluation process where we provide thorough documentation and evidence of our sustainability practices. Ecovadis experts, renowned for their expertise, diligently review the information we provide, subjecting it to independent verification from trusted sources. Based on their meticulous analysis, Ecovadis assigns a prestigious rating to Palmer, enabling us to benchmark our performance against our esteemed industry peers. This invaluable feedback empowers us to identify areas for enhancement and continue our pursuit of excellence in sustainability.

These ratings are not only a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability but also serve as a vital source of information for our esteemed stakeholders, including our valued customers, esteemed investors, and crucial supply chain partners. We believe in the power of transparency and accountability, and through Ecovadis ratings, we offer an insightful glimpse into our sustainability performance.

We are delighted to announce that our most recent assessment from Ecovadis has yielded an improved rating, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to sustainability and showcasing the remarkable strides we have made in our journey towards a greener future.